Laboratori Baldacci’s production and management unit is based in Pisa, in a town that has been important for Italy’s pharmaceutical industry and continues to be linked to its most long-standing pharmaceutical company. Two companies, established more than fifty years ago, operate in Portugal and Brazil, selling products developed by Laboratori Baldacci at Pisa, as well as medicinal products purchased from other pharmaceutical firms.
These two companies have been successful in their countries and today are well known by general practitioners and specialist in the field of cardiology, vascular disease, pediatrics and neuropsychiatry.

Laboratori Baldacci holds international patents for the manufacture and use of new pharmaceutical preparations that have led to the development of medicinal products currently on the market.

Research, production and the marketing of prescription drugs are all solidly based on Baldacci’s tradition, and are a challenge for the future, to maintain the high standards of professionalism and strong commitment that have been the hallmark of the Company’s first 100 years and that will take it into the future.

In recent years, the company portfolio has been enriched with medicinal products and medical devices licensed by other companies as well as nutritional supplements and medical devices created and developed in its laboratories.

Today, Laboratori Baldacci has an extensive and efficient external network of pharmaceutical representatives working throughout Italy in accordance with the Italian Pharmaceutical Industry Association’s Code of Professional Conduct, providing correct and complete scientific information on its products.